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  • ask your questions about moving to and living in Portugal
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Local Knowledge

Our 13,000+ members include people who:

  • are considering moving Portugal
  • maintain houses in Portugal and visit regularly
  • are working in Portugal temporarily 
  • have permanently relocated to Portugal
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Our livestreams and webinars are:

  • educating, interactive and entertaining
  • mingle with our “Moving to Portugal” Dream Team of experts
  • get involved and ask questions
  • different shows for all timezones
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Why Join Expats Portugal?

Experience & Knowledge

Expats Portugal has been in the business of helping those who are moving to Portugal settle-in since 2005. Our multi-national team are all expats residing in Portugal and all have professional backgrounds. 

Expertise & Trust

Our preferred partners are selected based on their professionalism, service levels, creditworthiness and trustworthiness. We ensure that they are a fully registered business, and we continually monitor feedback from our members.

Community & Friends

Our strong and vibrant community of both expats and local Portuguese will make you feel very welcome, help you find the answers to your questions and most importantly, allow you to connect and make new friends!

Did you know?

Over the past few years, there has been a strong increase in foreigners moving to Portugal due to the attractive cost of living, friendly people and a great quality of life. It is now reported that out of a total population of just over 10 million, more than 600,000 Expats are living in Portugal.

Expats Portugal was started in 2005 as an English language website and forum to help create a sense of community amongst Expats and people who have permanently immigrated to Portugal.

The site has since continued as a source of valuable information for:

In addition to our community members who are already living in Portugal, many of our members are from the United Kingdom, United States of America, Ireland, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa and Australia. No matter where you’re relocating from, moving to Portugal doesn’t have to be a lonesome journey!

Discover life in Portugal

Read about life in Portugal. Blog posts and articles written by expats in the know…

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Expats Portugal Forum

Community Knowledge Since 2005

Do you have questions about being an expat or permanently immigrating to Portugal?

Browse our forum community for your answers and meet our community.

Business directory

A directory of companies, business, and professionals servicing the English speaking community in Portugal.

What’s On Calendar

Our What’s On Calendar is a great place to explore webinars, events and meetups in Portugal and online.

Real Estate in Portugal

Looking for your dream home in Portugal? Explore Expats Portugal real estate listings for homes, renovation projects, holiday stays for every budget.

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