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A friendly team of people we have hand-selected to help you find your dream lifestyle in Portugal.

Ask Our Expats about life in Portugal

Imagine connecting with someone who has already experienced moving to Portugal or living in an area you are keen to explore for your potential new home…

Now imagine you can connect with this person and they are happy to share their knowledge with you on a one to one basis either via phone, online or in person.

Or perhaps you are already living in Portugal yet looking to relocate elsewhere within the country, imagine finding a new friend prior to making the move.

Ask Our Expats is about…

  • Showing you around a place you’re considering for your new home
  • Sharing with you the local facilities, including schools, shopping centres, the most popular restaurants or even where the best hairdresser is
  • Perhaps sports and leisure are important to you. Does your potential new hometown have these facilities?
  • Found a house or piece of land but need someone to do a personal, unbiased inspection for you?
  • Ask about healthcare, real estate, community, events and entertainment on offer
  • Perhaps you have hobbies you would like to pursue and keen to connect with others in Portugal with the same interests, such as golf or self-sufficiency
  • Or just have a chat, make a new friend and put your mind to rest about those unanswered questions you have
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How it works…

Your Expat is here to help you explore and find out more about your potential lifestyle in Portugal.

Once you have selected and paid for your package, you will receive a digital survey to complete. This will help your Expat prepare the right type of information for your consultation.

For example, we would like to know if you are retiring or you have kids needing schools? What sports would you like access to? Do you want to live in a city or town or would you prefer the rural lifestyle?

Then a mutually appropriate time will be set for you to meet with your Expat.

Each consultant has nominated how they can help you:

  • Guided, in-person tours: Are you in Portugal or planning to visit soon? Book a guided in-person tour with one of our Expats and explore places like a local.
  • Online, personal tours: Not in Portugal yet but keen to explore a potential place to live? Consider an online, personal tour with one of our Expats from that area. Discovery from the comfort of your lounge room.
  • Zoom/Skype/Messenger calls: Got questions about a place you are considering moving to? Have a chat with one of our Expats to find out everything there is to know.

Of course, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Expat via their contact form on their profile page.

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