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Lucy Pink

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Moved to Portugal: 2010

From: UK

Currently lives: Alvaiázere, Leiria District


About Lucy

I’ve been connected with Portugal since 1997. Having had a holiday home near Vale do Lobo/Quinta do Largo “The Golden Triangle”  for 8 years, with knowledge of boat ownership. I moved permanently to Portugal and lived in Vilamoura and Olhăo and now live near Alvaiázere in Central Portugal.

I’ve travelled a lot in Portugal sightseeing historic monuments and towns. I’m interested in visiting as much of Portugal as I can and believe in integrating into the local community and learning Portuguese (badly in my case!).

  • Speaks: English
  • Interests include: gardens, wildlife, sightseeing, Portuguese historic villages and towns and finding good restaurants.
  • Ask me about: Boat ownership in Portugal, golf, buy/selling property, renting property and applying for planning permission.

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2 reviews for Lucy Pink

  1. KMK (verified owner)

    I had a great discussion with Lucy. She was very friendly and extremely helpful.

  2. Celu (verified owner)

    Was great chatting with Lucy about her experience in portugal. She clarified a lot of questions I had about day to day life in portugal.

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Lucy is available for:

Guided, in-person tours (3 hours)

  • Alvaiázere, Leiria District
  • Tomar, Santarém District

Online, personal video tours (1 hour)

  • Alvaiázere, Leiria District
  • Tomar, Santarém District

Zoom/Skype/Messenger calls (1 hour)

  • Alvaiázere, Leiria District
  • Tomar, Santarém District
  • Vilamoura, Faro District (Algarve)
  • Olhão, Faro District (Algarve)

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