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Moved to Portugal: 2018

From: UK

Currently lives: Santarém District, Central Portugal


About Thomas

Thomas moved permanently to Portugal in 2018, having visited regularly since he was a child. After a year in Lisbon, he settled in the Ribatejo, the agricultural heartland around an hour from Lisbon, up the Tagus river valley – an area generally overlooked by people looking to move to Portugal.

With his partner, Thomas runs a small Portuguese business helping people take better-informed decisions when researching, buying and restoring property.  They specialise in surveys/inspections, technical assessments, planning advice and critical friend support.  Reabilitejo can be found in the Business Directory here.

When not working, Thomas enjoys exploring the landscapes and historical places of Portugal, as well as local food, drink and crafts – and he loves choral music, singing in choirs in the UK and here in Portugal.

Thomas is happy to talk about any of the above – the professional and personal themes – as part of time purchased through Ask Our Expats.  In recent months, he’s helped people whittle down shortlists of properties, understand common property and living questions (utilities, damp, recycling, you name it) and other issues such as public transport, climate, shopping…

How it works

Your Expat is here to help you explore and find out more about your potential lifestyle in Portugal.

Once you have selected and paid for your package, you will receive a digital questionnaire to complete. This will help your Expat prepare the right type of information for your consultation.

Three and 6 hour packages will be broken into half hourly or hourly slots.

A mutually appropriate time will be set for you to meet with your Expat. Connect via Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger calls. In person tours available upon request.

Got questions about life in Portugal? Have a chat with one of our Expats to find out what there is to know.

5 reviews for Thomas

  1. Ralf (verified owner)

    I hired Thomas because of the wisdom he showed in the forums within ExpatsPortugal. He was extremely knowledgeable and generous with a wide variety of topics. We had our first Remote Meeting today, and I could not be happier. Due to family matters, I am unable to visit Portugal at this time, but Thomas has been sort of my “Boots On The Ground” and I suspect no one else could represent me any better than Thomas. If you look at his comments in the forums, you will see what I did. A caring, intelligent person who is as generous as one could hope for. He knows a lot about a lot. But when he doesn’t know, he is modest enough to say so. Money well spent, and I look forward to working with Thomas more as I work towards my dream of moving to Portugal.

  2. McJose

    I have had the pleasure and the immense benefit of dealing with Thomas. He is very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Having access to Thomas is such a huge benefit from seemingly small things to much bigger matters he has been a big help. Crucially Thomas will say he doesn’t know if he doesn’t know which has admittedly been rare but invaluable just the same. I still have a couple of hours of Thomas’s help to come and just knowing that reduces stress immensely. A fantastic service all round.

  3. STEVERINO (verified owner)

    I booked a three hour time slot with Thomas. I felt this was the time I needed, and was correct. Thomas, is indeed, very knowledgeable. After the first hours session he went away in his own time and sought information for me to further clarify some points we have covered. He has good experience and was familiar and emptaheic of our needs having been through the process himself. Moreover, I have found him professional, detailed, and a good person. Worth every penny.

  4. Albie

    Thomas’s local knowledge about topics that will help any prospective immigrant to Portugal is second to none. Thomas’s answers were clear and articulate and he is an excellent communicator. He went above and beyond and provided us, for example, with website links that is most helpful. 

    We cannot speak highly enough of Thomas’s knowledge and clear communication in assisting us in our process to immigrate to Portugal. 

    We highly recommend Thomas.

  5. Susan-and-Leif

    My husband Leif and I have very much enjoyed working with Thomas. He is personable, engaging, and accommodating and we feel well-cared-for — the end of the sessions come around and it seems to have happened entirely too quickly! The process of moving from a non-EU country (USA) to an EU country is one of the more challenging scenarios. Throw into this mix a retirement, home sale, car sale, estate planning, tax planning, … (where do I stop) and we feel more confident and reassured with Thomas’s astute guidance. I’m already dreading the time our planned sessions will come to an end. Current Expats helping prospective Expats is a wonderful idea. Glad we have this opportunity.

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