Casa Azul

Casa Azul exists to help more foreigners achieve real estate success in Portugal! We provide streamlined solutions to help renters rent and buyers buy.

Consider Casa Azul your secret weapon or insider in the Portuguese real estate market!

We are teaming up with many top real estate experts in Portugal to help you

(1.) find an apartment to rent in Portugal

(2.) purchase a home in Portugal, and/or

(3.) stay up-to-date on the latest real estate news in Portugal.

Looking for an apartment to lease but hitting a dead end? We are partnering up with almost a dozen different agencies here in Portugal to help maximize your odds of finding a rental.

Interested in purchasing a home but not sure where to start? Our group of real estate experts includes everyone from the most trusted real estate agents to top interior designers who will help make your dream of owning a home in Portugal a reality. Portugal is a hot market, and there’s so much information out there that it’s hard to know where to turn.

We are creating the ‘hub’ of real estate information, all provided by our trusted experts, so that everything you need to know is in one place!

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