CRAD Studio

We are an architecture and design studio in London and Lisbon. We listen to your needs to architect a wonderful home for you regardless of your budget.

Collaborative Research Architecture Design

CRAD is an architecture and design studio based in London and Lisbon.

We provide complete services from the initial plot search to design and construction to handing you the keys of the completed project. We design the building to your available budget, and our services can be tailored to your needs.

We understand that architecture and design depend on a healthy and creative collaboration with you, contractors, and consultants. So we establish a platform and framework for good communication, a flexible approach to consulting and exchanging ideas, and a clear delineation of responsibilities from the outset.

A close-knit team undertakes design with you, and the team that starts the project sees it through to completion, providing you continuity throughout the project.

Here is a summary of the building or refurbishing process in Portugal.

  • Acquire the land or existing building based on your preferences.
  • Develop the Initial design for the planning application; we will develop the brief, timeline of work, budget programme, room layouts, materials, construction style, produce documents, and design the house for the planning application.
  • Local councils review the projects; during this time, we communicate with the local council to answer their questions or provide additional documents as part of the above initial stage.
  • We will start the second stage whilst the local council reviews the project. At this stage, we will better understand the constructions fee. We will develop the design further to meet the budget and produce the construction documents. Once the project is on-site, we will manage and coordinate the builders and services until completion.

We work in English, Portuguese, and German, and whilst our geographical location is in Lisbon and London region, we undertake projects across the countries.

We are passionate about architecture and design, and our collaborative team has decades of experience creating atmospherically rich places.

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