Crimson Global Academy

Crimson Global Academy is a world-class private online school unlocking students’ full potential through access to top teachers and flexible, live learning.

Online learning has the power to provide equal global access to educational opportunities, and provide a solution for families and students that require a more tailored approach to learning. Crimson Global Academy (CGA) set out to provide international curricula, world-class teachers and a non-linear learning structure to students around the world. Just 2 years later we have been named #3 online school in America (out of 423), shortlisted for the World Best Schools for Innovation Prize and have over 1100 students in 40 countries worldwide studying at CGA, each receiving their own strategic learning plan.

At CGA, classes are kept small for maximum engagement, students are expected to come to class ready to discuss, debate and problem-solve, based on the reading they have completed before class. Each student is empowered to discover a self-led approach to education, with no limits placed on their ability. They take the class that matches their academic ability, not their age. CGA, simply, is a school for students who love learning by teachers passionate about teaching.


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