K9 JETS provides a pay-per-seat private jet charter for pets, allows your pets to be by your side in the cabin.

We believe that when you fly, you should not leave a key family member in cargo!

K9 JETS allows your pets to be by your side in the cabin of a luxury private jet rather than being restricted to the hold.

Regular flights from New Jersey to Lisbon.

Simply book a seat for yourself and your four-legged friend at a fixed cost, which is payable by wire or credit card.

Each route is made up of an outward-bound flight and a return flight. Your flight will be confirmed once the 75% passenger and pet threshold is reached for the full route.

We will keep you updated on the status of your flight(s) on a regular basis. If your flight and the linked flight do not reach the minimum threshold, we may cancel the flight(s). This would be (at the very latest) 28 days in advance of your flight and we would then offer you a 100% refund or re-accommodate you on a future flight. However, we do not anticipate the cancellation of flights as we have received an outstanding amount of interest in K9 JETS.

  • No cages required for dogs
  • Dogs can sit on your lap or by your side in the cabin
  • Cats must be in their carriers
  • No queues for customs or security
  • Complimentary bar and refreshments
  • Secure site to upload passport and pet documentation
  • 20 kg luggage & carry-on per passenger
  • Maximum of two pets under 50lb or one pet 51lb and over per seat booked (Included in the seat cost)
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