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Prime School International

Prime School School International holds an International Education Advisory Committee funded by the Springdomain Foundation and composed of representatives from schools, college and university deans, business and industry leaders, foundations, nonprofit organizations, and state government agencies such as the Educational Council of the Junta de Andalucia.

Together, they created a vision to “provide students with the knowledge, skills and opportunities necessary to thrive in a global society”.

Prime School International believes that the profile of the student for the 21st century is required to understand the global context and the diversity of relationships between themselves, their communities and the world. Therefore the school promotes a study group that provides global content as a component of a world-class education, alongside with the teachers to support the students.

Prime School International, thus, has at its core to train students to become global thinkers with 21st century skills so they can think critically and creatively across disciplines, manage complexity, embrace technology and value diversity.

The intention of this project is that students achieve greater economic prosperity and better quality of life, and enjoy learning, because life is a continuous learning process.


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