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Are you in the process of researching or buying property in Portugal?
Have you already identified a place, and have plans to restore or extend it?
Do you want to know more about an older building, its issues and how to improve it?

Reabilitejo helps people take better-informed decisions when researching, buying, or restoring older property.

We offer genuinely independent advice with no vested interest in any transactions with sellers, agents or contractors.


Our main products are

Surveys & Inspections
building condition
thermal comfort
topography/land boundaries

Technical Assessments
heritage value & significance
landscape & visual impact

Planning Advice
ensuring your aspirations are
achievable in the context of
legislation & regulation

Project Scoping &
Critical Friend

helping you prepare for
project delivery & monitoring

In addition, we can offer support with:
shortlisting properties, helping you match them with your needs/aspirations;
property and location visits, video tours, desktop assessments;
advice and insight on pre-purchase considerations.

We’re based in Santarém, about an hour north of Lisbon,
and whilst our focus is Central Portugal,
we work with clients across mainland Portugal.

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