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Savvy Cat Realty

Are you a practical business minded person that likes to get the most out of your buck?

Moving to Portugal but worried about not knowing the country very well?

Want a property that you truly feel at home in, without sacrificing too many of your needs?

We can help you!

Our founder, Ana Caramujo, is a Portuguese nomad from a family with a long history of real estate investment. Because Ana doesn’t feel aligned with the way the real estate market operates, she decided to be the change she wanted to see!

Savvy Cat Realty offers location independent (within continental Portugal) real estate consultancy for buyers only, with full transparency and an analytical approach.

  • Fixed Prices – meaning you can rest assured that we have no interest in upselling you just for the sake of commissions, as they will not change.
  • Location Independent – first we get to know you in order to make the best possible match, both when it comes to location and for the actual property. We will suggest matches based on lifestyle, interests, requirements & budget.
  • We work from a buyer/tenant point of view – We are not limited by portfolios or exclusivities and also get private listings & off market deals.
  • Smart Investing – consulting from the business point of view – ROI, taxes, costs, deductibles, incentives, study on the valuing potential, re-sale and rent potential.
  • Get support in the whole process – VISAS, licences, bank accounts, registries, verification and any local networking you need


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