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St. Peter’s International School

At St. Peter’s International School, we are building futures by providing a competitive, high-quality education, starting with the integral development of the child. 

Our mission is to build self-reliant, critical, creative students, with the necessary skills and abilities to perform well at a personal, social and professional level, thus allowing them to pursue their studies, and actively integrate into a rapidly changing, globalised society. 

St. Peter’s offers a personalised bilingual curriculum from kindergarten and the option of the National Portuguese or the International Curriculum from Grade 7 (including the IGCSE and IB Diploma Programme). Academic excellence is guaranteed in both curricula: St. Peter’s is a well-established school with proven outstanding academic results in both the national and the international exams, ensuring access to top tier universities in Portugal and abroad.  

Located only 30 minutes from Lisbon’s city centre, St. Peter’s extensive 37,000 sqm campus has outstanding facilities for academics, arts and sports, including 3 football fields, 1 rugby pitch and 2 tennis courts. 

In addition, St. Peter’s is home to the First Boarding School in the area, an extension of our commitment to excellence: students have access to our top education and can develop life skills while nurturing life-long friendships. Now, families living abroad can guarantee their children have access to an international, individualised education in a safe environment and location.  

Finally, as an Inspired school, our students have access to world’s best practices in education, outstanding arts and sports programmes, state of the art facilities, and Exchange Programmes.


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