United Lisbon International School

United Lisbon is a modern innovative international school, offering education from Early Childhood to grade 12, with an internationally acknowledged curriculum.

New world-class International school in the heart of Lisbon

United Lisbon International School is a new world-class international school located in central Lisbon, next to the Park of Nations.

A modern and innovative international school, offering rigorous English-language Academic programs for all schooling ages, from Early Childhood (3yo) to Grade 12 (17-18 yo).

United Lisbon delivers a conceptual and inquiry-based curriculum with international standards of learning. Using US-based Common Core as a reference and culminating in the internationally accredited, college preparatory IB Diploma Program (United Lisbon is a candidate school and pursuing authorization for the Diploma Programme), with the first students graduating from high school in 2024.

The School year 2021/2022, welcomes students from Early Childhood (3yo) to grade 10 (15-16 yo).

For the next two academic years, United Lisbon will add grades 11 (Academic Year 2022/2023) and 12 (Academic Year 2023/2024)

We offer education that matters tomorrow: a school providing education inspired by and fit for the 21st century; an international education founded on rigorous standards of excellence, seamlessly integrating technology into the learning environment. We want our students to embrace the opportunities created in tomorrow’s world.

United Lisbon rehabilitation project has been acknowledged by Portugal’s most important real estate (SIL) awards for Best Urban Adaptive Reuse Award and has also won the “Lisbon Prize” at the 2021 World Architecture Festival.

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