Walkner Condon Financial Advisors

We are independent & fee-only fiduciary financial advisors that specialize in wealth management & retirement planning for US expats and Americans living abroad.

Comprised of Stan Farmer, J.D., CFP®, Keith Poniewaz, Ph.D., and Syl Michelin, CFA®, Walkner Condon’s U.S. expat team possesses practical expat experience, supported by refined technical knowledge of both expatriate status and investment management.

While it is one thing to know about all the complexities that come with expatriate status, it is quite another to have lived and worked through the myriad challenges of being a cross-border citizen. Our team has both, and they are ready to put that expertise to work for you, whether you have lived abroad for years, or you are beginning to contemplate the move.

When it comes to helping U.S. expats and Americans abroad, we focus our services on financial planning, which encompasses both wealth and investment management. In addition to serving our clients as fiduciaries, we are a fee-only, independent firm.

What does that mean? Simply put, we’re paid by the money we manage for you, and nothing else. We don’t sell insurance or other investment products, we aren’t under a larger investment company, and we don’t make commissions.

We know life as an expat can be complex. We’re here to help, so you can enjoy life abroad.

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