Wiley & Partners

Wiley & Partners is dedicated to finding you the best neighborhood in and around Cascais. The location and the quality of your home is our top priority.

Wiley & Partners was born in 2020 out of necessity.

As I decided to invest in property in Cascais, I recognized that the buying process was fallible. My agent had never heard of a client requesting an inspection. Let’s start there.

We have Agents to protect us as we make a huge financial investment in a country that isn’t our own. That is the ‘why’ to a Buyers Agents job.

As we are trusting the Agent with this, we need to secure that it is our investment that is the top priority, not the amount of money the Seller is making on their home.

I recently met a client that was here to buy his future home. He interviewed 4 Agents to represent him. This way, he picked an Agent that best suited his needs. He chose one Agent. There is NO need to use more than one Buyers Agent. We all have access to the same registers, the same websites, the same sites as you have access to.

Unfortunately, Portugal does not have an MLS. Another reason to chose one Agent and stick with them.

The work of finding the right property is time consuming as we have multiple sites to look at. My belief is that you should rent first. Three to six months here will give you a feel for where you want to live. We can create your dream home in any home you chose… but we can’t move that home. Location, Location, Location. Let’s find yours.

Areas of expertise: from Estoril to Cascais to Colares.

WhatsApp: +46 707 913 143

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