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New Classifieds Section  


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Joined: 8 months ago
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03/02/2020 2:19 pm  

We are very pleased to announce our new classified section where all VIP and Premium members have free and unlimited access. Only these members can post adverts but every visitor can view and respond to the advertiser. You can select a category, include photos and if you enter your postcode, you can chose to show your location on Google maps. Currently, we have over 10,000 site visits per month and this is before we start to increase the number of visits through Search Engine Optimisation. We expect the number of visits to grow massively in the coming months and therefore your adverts will reach a very wide audience, plus of course all our existing members.

This new classified section is a dedicated space on the website and completely separate from the forum. You are welcome to post adverts for anything from houses (sell or rent), cars, furniture, tools, etc. etc. 

From previous posts and communications, we know this is something that many members have asked for. We hope we have addressed all the points but we welcome your further suggestions and comments on this classified section and indeed any other aspect of our new site. Please post your comments or feel free to email us directly.

Kind regards

Gerry & Astrid

Reputable Member Admin
Joined: 8 months ago
Posts: 283
15/06/2020 5:56 pm  

I wish to remind everyone that the classified section is open to post your items for sale, rent or wanted and is absolutely free and unlimited to all VIP and Premium Members. 

As we were developing the new site, this is something that many VIP members asked us to provide, yet there has been little use since the launch 4 months ago. Obviously the lock-down has had an affect but we now ask and indeed encourage you to make use of this facility.   

To add your listing, please click on this link.


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