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Best types/brands of pump for a 200m deep borehole?

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Hey everyone,

I'm new here and excited to chat with everyone as we just purchased 11Ha of beautiful land in Faro! I'm sure I'm going to be told I've bitten off more than I can chew having never done anything like this before (Essex boy with minimal labouring experience) 🤣 

The house is going to be built by MIMA housing and will take I imagine nearly 3 years but in the meantime I have a lot to do in order to grow on the land and become as self-sufficient as possible!

We have a beautiful lake on the land but also a 190m deep borehole - I want to, if possible power a pump via solar panels to get the water out and (I'm guessing this is the way to do it) into an IBC tank which I can then attach to various irrigation systems to get the growing underway ASAP.

I'd love any suggestions on the best types of pump (seen some people say mechanical but not sure?) and which brands are good if electric is the choice.

Thanks in advance! 😊 

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I can’t help with you inquiries but I wanted to welcome you since I’m a fellow Farense.


Also if you are willing to learn and try new things you will be surprised by what you can do.


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cant advise you on a brand of pump, but all i can say that i had 5 villas in my time with  boreholes...2 ran dry... 1 went salty.... 2 survived .  ie 60% failure rate

plus did have to buy two new pumps...200 mtrs is deep so hope there is enough solar energy to be alble to pump up the water from that depth


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would also advise with that amount of land not try to "garden" it all. Just have a small area around villa and leave the rest to nature and if you want to plant then suggest carobs


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So here we go, Grundfos borehole pumps are the way to go. At 190 mts deep you would require a  three phase pump, not sure if solar can provide three phase? i lived very near Martin and had a borehole 120 mts deep three phase and it supplied 2000 litres of water per day ( this is all we needed it could have supplied more ) we had the property for 8 years and had no problems with the supply. However another friend 150 mts away had their borehole dry up no reason why it's just one of those things.Regards Bazza


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