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#Blog Hiring a Contractor in Portugal  

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Considering getting a contractor to do work for you? Read this first...


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Hi Astrid,

Can I say that from personal experience,

'In Portugal, your best bet is to start with recommendations for friends, family and fellow expats who can lead you to great workers who speak at least a smattering of English.'

Isn't the best way to go about it.

Recommendations from ex-pats will quite often lead to an ex-pat builder. Nothing ostensibly wrong with that but, in a lot of areas, it won't endear you to your neighbours. Especially in a village.

Recommendations from your local Freguesia and your immediate neighbours are much better.

You get a good job, albeit at maybe a slower rate, but not always, and you contribute to your local economy.

And, you fit in better 👍

Bit of a win all round really 😘

Chris x

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Hi Chris

The problem with builders is they take on to much work and then come to you one day and they are of to someone else for another day or two. Just 25mt from where i am sitting is such a property That will be another 12 months before it's finished looking at the rate of work.

If you find a n builder try to pin him down to a time.



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