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House renovation in Amares

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I'm looking for a contractor, builder, plumber (combined or separate) for our house renovation.

Phase 1 - Habitable - (start October/November)

Water and drainage outside: Well to be checked and cleaned, pump etc - All Piping from well to inside the house to be redone

Water and drainage inside: Replace and move piping in bathroom and kitchen - 

Bathroom: Inside wall to tear down to merge old small Bathroom with room next to it + full installation of Bathroom

Kitchen: Full kitchen placement + Window extension

Other rooms: - Mold treatment -Painting -Placement of air-conditionings

Other: Checking of all electricity + replacing where needed. Outside plastering

Second phase (Start January-February)

Garage: Converting garage into habitable space

Garden: Removal of current outside extension and replacing it with a new one - Solar panels placement - Garden junk removal

1 photo attached, can provide more photos & details upon request.




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I am afraid I don't work with any contractors that far north (I think you're talking about the Amares not far from Braga...)

In the areas where we work and have contacts, most good contractors (of the multi-trade type) are booking for next spring, summer or autumn now - and some even have no availability now next year.  There is a severe shortage of contractors across much of Portugal.  You may be luckier with single-trades, or smaller outfits - we do know good specific tradespeople further south, who have space over the winter, for instance.

Some of the works you've listed will require planning permission on some level (this may just be giving due notice to the council, it may be more substantial) - you may have this, but otherwise you need to factor in lead times.  Do get proper advice on this - contractors will often tell you things are fine; the consequences are not theirs.  If you hear sweeping generalisations, be sceptical.

The conversion of the garage is a particular point - for it to be legal habitation, it'll need to be licensed by the council (otherwise you can't legally rent, nor can you claim it as habitable space when you sell).  This would mean it'd need the council to have approved the work.  

If you do find rapidly available multi-trade contractors, be sure to get references/see work.  It is unusual to find good contractors rapidly available, and there may be a reason for it (good or bad).

My aim is not to be pessimistic/negative, but I would advise you not to put yourself in a position where you are relying unduly on tight timeframes; and I wouldn't want you to invest without certainty that what you're doing is done well, and is legal.

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@thomasribatejo thank you so much for the elaborate reply. This helps a lot actually. The timeframes are nothing more than hopeful wishes, I'm fully aware things take a lot more time than what you plan for, but I gotta start somewhere 🙂


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I would agree with ThomasRibatejo.

There is a severe shortages of building contractors throughout Portugal & especially in the North. Many have links to Portuguese contractors in France and when things get slow here, they nip up to France to work for a few months.

You best bet would be to go into a couple of local building, plumbing, agricutural or electrical suppliers and see if they can suggest anyone.

From a quick web search of Amares, here are 3 constructors that come up -

- Cliamares-construção & Conservação De Edifícios Lda
- Domingues & Filhos, Lda
- Martiforte



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I notice in your list above that some of your requirements will need an architect's and potentially an engineer's signoff. Elements like window extension, conversion of the garage to a habitable space, and modification to the external arrangement, including solar panels, must be communicated to the council.

Depending on the builder, it is often easier to get a builder if you have architectural plans and material maps. The builder's job is typically easier if you have a clear set of information, plans, and required materials and quantities.

I know a builder from our last project in Viana do Castelo. I will ask if he is happy that I pass on his contact and will get back to you. 





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