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spartan Fx

Shipping Container fo Solar Control Panel - A Good Idea?

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Hey all,


I've been wondering how to house the solar control panel, Lithium Ion batteries and other things related to my soon-to-be off-grid water pump + supply.Β 

I was thinking about buying a shipping container office (one with existing windows and a door) instead of building a full structure out of concrete etc. but I am not sure if this is a good or bad idea.

I live in Messines which can get very hot and it will be all but on the top of a hill that gets sun all day - With ample shade I was hoping this could work but would likely need an air con unit in there also? What is the insulation like in these things?

I'd love to hear some thoughts or anyone's experience doing something similar, I will have a lot of expensive equipment in there so cannot afford to make big mistakes this way!

Also if anyone can recommend somewhere that sells and delivers container offices in the Algarve I'd appreciate it a lot!

Thanks in advance and I welcome all conversation! πŸ™‚