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Starting the rebuild on our ruin

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Hi Everyone,

We have owned our land in Marvao for some time now but only a few weeks ago decided to move ahead with the renovation of the house. We had ordered the fossa (septic tank) from a place in Evora and have been waiting for delivery as we know this is the first thing that must go down.

We understand there is going to be delays during these times but is anyone else still receiving deliveries if you are renovating too? It has been nearly 3 weeks now waiting.

Are deliveries of these types on hold due to restrictions of traveling? 

We have a solo builder on hand to do the work and just keen on giving him an update.

Any info would be amazing.

Stay safe 


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It’s a little difficult to answer your question regarding delivery. I was under the impression that we are all to stay at home except for essential visits (health and food). I can see out of my window at the moment six people working on the land. They are certainly not related and are not practicing separation. They have today planted around a hundred olive saplings. Just to the left of them there is a new track under construction, there have been three lorry loads of gravel delivered today. Neither the men on the track nor the lorry driver kept apart. Just up the road there is a man installing a garden watering system. 
So some people are still working, and some deliveries are being made. 


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According to the Restrições à Circulação in place during the State of Emergency general economic activity has not been closed down. People (well, those not in the two restricted groups: those who are ill or considered specifically at risk) can still travel to work (the actual words are "... for the purpose of performing professional activities or similar". Of course, certain types of businesses have been closed down, but general manufacturing, the building trade, agriculture etc. should still be able to carry on - as things stand.

Whether companies are able to continue - for example lack of staff (who might be ill/self-isolating) or unavailability of supplies - is a different matter.



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We have had deliveries from Raul Correia, I'm reasonably sure they sell septic tanks, might be worth a try?


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Thanks for the update Angela


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