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For Sale - irrigation Pump

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I have just installed a new submersible pump so have available for sale a 2.2 Kwatt, three phase, cast iron centrifugal pump suitable for use with medium to large gardens. It has just been recently serviced (at a cost of €200) and has new bearings and motor windings. This is a free standing pump.

Input pipe flange is 2.5 inches/63mm and output 1.25inches/32mm.

Manometric lift is 6m ie it will "suck" the water upwards 6m from point of origin. I don't know the head distance but it has been used to push water to my pressure tank and on to the sprinklers, an uphill distance of about 60 metres.

Price: €200 - Tomar area

A new one of the same type is about €1200!