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What's available in Coimbra for Classical Music?

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Sure, there's Fado, but is there much availability of classical music concerts -- and other types of music?  I'm hoping the university has concerts but I haven't found much online.  My fantasy is one can walk down the street and find small concerts all over town, as there are in Germany.  

Just curious... Thanks!

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There is a certain amount of classical music in Coimbra, but not as much as one might hope. Coimbra University doesn't have a music department (main locations for studying music are Lisbon, Porto and Évora), and it's a small city of fewer than 100k people.

However, it has a significant heritage, notably linked to the convents/monasteries, and with collections in the university library. There are a number of festivals linked to the former each year - many are essential sacred choral music.

It's unfortunate that the lusophone world's premier university has a relatively narrow range of fields of study - without music being part of this, the embedded musical tradition is not really there. 

As I don't live there - although I visited regularly whilst my partner was studying there, and classical music is what I seek out! - I may well be unaware of the existence of more - but the main opportunities to hear or perform classical music are elsewhere, I'm afraid.

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@thomasribatejo Thank you Thomas.  I guess there are always quick trips to Porto for the good stuff!


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