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Food labeling question

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Hi All

It is clear that labels on the rear of food products have to carry certain information and after looking on-line via Google i still can't get an answer as to what has to be on the rear of an item.

Yesterday i looked at various labels and i can see that one bit of information is to what to do with the product. But what does the rest of the information on the rear mean? I was looking at the rear of a pack of the spice Cloves.


Peter " Dreams can come true "

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:) Peter you need to be a bit more specific on the info your trying to make sense off

This is current EU regs ... dex_en.htm


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Not sure what your question is:

we are made up of 60% water, 20% fat and remaining 20% carbohydrate, protein minerals etc, so you need all of them in your diet, but in proportion.

Calories are the answer:
banana has 105 calories approx - so body now has 105 calories for heat and energy, like petrol in an engine.

but calories required depends on age and activity levels, on average 2000 calories per day approx as a guide.

so when you take in an excess of calories, over and above your daily requirement of e.g. 2000 calories, ie 3500 calories is 1 pound in weight, so to gain 1 pound in weight, you have to exceed your calorie requirements by 3500 calories, e.g. if your daily calorie requirement is 2000 calories and you take in an extra 100 calories a day, after 35 days you will have gained 1 pound in weight, to lose weight, you could decide to reduce your calorie intake by 100 calories per day (1900 calories) for 35 days, and after 35 days, you would have lost 1 pound, or to exercise to burn off the calories, e.g. a fast walk for 20 minutes might burn off 100 calories.

a pink lady apple has 50 calories
a sainsbury halfpounder would have about 500 calories.
Sundried tomato and chilli crisps from Asda would have 700 calories per packet.
Thorntons white chocolate easter egg would have nearly 2000 calories, your total daily allowance
so how many calories does each food element have:
carbohydrates are best, low in calories, and fill you up quickly (pasta).
carbohydrate: 3.75 calories per gram
protein: 4 calories per gram
alcohol: 7 calories per gram
Fat: 9 calories per gram

so if you want to lose weight you reduce fat and alcohol intake first!
ie you get double the reduction of reducing carbohydrate! carbohydrates like rice and pasta and potatoes fill you up, you eat less and you have taken in less calories - which is why low carb diets are a myth - ask any nutritionist....

so if you multiply the fat content of a product by the grams, you will see how many calories that is, and how much of your daily allowance that is.
15% of daily calories from protein, ie red meet once a week as a minimum, it has proteins that white meat /fish does not have, to fight infection.

No more than 35% of calories from fat, and no more than 10% of these should be saturated fats - if it has more than 5g of saturated fat, put it back! UNsaturated fat is the healthiest.
eating almonds can reduce your cholesterol by 10%, which is the same as a statin tablet will do on average....

your body stores 1800 calories as an emergency supply, once you go over this figure, it turns the calories into fat (3500 calories = 1 pound of fat)

Look at the per 100g section of a label only!!!!!
HIGH if over:

15g in sugars
20g in fats
5g for saturates -low is below 1.5g
sodium (salt) - 0.5g

Have taken this from the best sources I could find and the most up to date, correct as far as I know!

Work out how many calories you require: ... or/NU00598

The best calorie requirements calculator and BMI calculator used by nutritionists:

hope this helps...enjoy your xmas everyone, i will not include the calories for wine as in my bible, they are exempt


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Hi Flannery_k

I am sorry i should have come back when i got the answer i wanted. I went out the next day and got a pack with information on i could translate and it gave me all i wanted.

But thank you for the very interesting information.

Peter " Dreams can come true "


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