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Francesinha done right.

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Hello frends,
here is my take on the Francesinha discussed by Frank Devane and @carlm in the Monday show
For the sauce (enough for 4 persons)
bottle of beer
chicken stock
2 bay leaves
tablespoon of butter
glass of port wine
tablespoon of corn starch
tomato puree 
half a glass of milk
secret Portuguese spices (Piri Piri Chicken)
For the sandwich
2 slices of casino bread (preferably cut quite thick)
2 slices of ham
5 slices of cheese
2 chipolata sausage
1 chorizo sausage
black angus steak
salt and pepper garlic to taste
home made French fries
To make the sauce put all ingredients in a pot except milk and starch bring to a simmer add starch to milk and add to pot. let it simmer away don't let the sauce go thick.
cook the meat take it out an bake the bread in the fat

Start stacking bread ham chipolata chorizo steak bacon bread 

wrap in cheese


add fried egg on top sauce over generously and add fries 

 add beer and serve

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Oh my word, THAT is a MASTERPIECE!!!


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too much for me. Do Portuguese restaurants provide doggie bags?

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@jeanne it would be considered a walk of shame in Porto, with a doggy bag in hand!

Truly, I have had only good experiences asking to take my leftovers, often thoughtfully wrapped. I think it's based on the Portuguese non-waste ethic (-:


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Perhaps a stomach pump, instead of the doggy bag would be in order for THIS masterpiece!! Oh Lord....either that or eat it in close proximity to a good hospital. 😱 

Well done and beautifully photographed. 👍 You can never go wrong with bacon. 


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