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[Sticky] Portuguese Wine - Promote your favourite here  

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Think I have found my new favourite white wine. By winemaker David Baverstock (a fellow Aussie) who has his winery in Estremoz, Alentejo.

My bottle arrived in my Portuguese Wine Box from WoW Wines (an Expat Portugal partner at www.wowwines.eu).

We would love to compile a list of your favourite Portuguese wines that you are happy to share with our community. The list will be compiled and included in a blog post/guide.

What is your favourite Portuguese wine? Please include:

  • Image
  • Type
  • Price
  • Region
  • Where you bought it



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Our personal favorites (and we enjoy many Portuguese wines from all the growing areas) are from a small co-op in the Douro which we really enjoyed at the Quinta de Tourais in Cambres. A small band of very creative winemakers produce reds, whites, dessert wines (and ports - 20 and 30 year-olds). Fernando Jose Sampaio and Cardoso Coelho are key members. The packaging is artsy laser, every vintage and type has a bottle you want to save. Being somewhat 'boutique', the wine are reasonable, but not inexpensive: The payoff is on the palate. The co-op is too small for American distribution, but it is truly outstanding to stock up for special occasions in Portugal.


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Hi Janet,

Love the fact that you are buying wines from a co-op. We buy all our wine as locally as possible, our adega in Fundão is excellent, such a variety and prices from ridiculously cheap to slightly over moderate 😉

Cheers, hic,



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