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red wine in 20 litre boxes

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I live in tavira and i am looking to buy my wine as i used to in france i.e. in bulk(en vrac). where can I buy locally?

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When we lived in Carcavelos we used to buy wine by the crate from a local agricultural suppliers. We’d get 12 x 1 litre bottles @ 80 centimes each and get 10 c back on the empties. A very drinkable tinto from Carvoeira near Ericeira.


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i am further south
but my solution was to find (hard work I know but I persevered) the wine I liked by a process of elimination in the various bars ,
as you do
having become friends with the barman
if you can find him again
get him to supply it
even if this added a few euros
it didnt impact on the value of buying in 20 litre boxes and you did know for certain that you liked that particular wine

it worked for me!

also brought boxes back to UK
but not enough..
will increase load this year!


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My local nook sells tinto from a 20kg brick which they get from the local supermarket (or they sell the same as the bar uses, one or t'other). It's peppery with a plum jam flavour and if it didn't have a Pt origem on the box I'd swear it was a new world shiraz. It is very good indeed for a low priced coop wine, no sulphur, no cabbageyness.

My current fave coop is Uniao from up near S C Dao but I have yet to see this in bricks which means a regular trip to the recycling pod at the bottom of the hill, and She Who Notices These Things tots them up...


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20 litre boxes!

now I know why bruxy loves portugal so much, she kept that secret from me


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