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4th Encontro de Culturas Tábua

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Tábua´s 4th Encontro de Culturas is going ahead.

It will take place over the weekend 8,9,10 June and will take place, as last year, in the Jardim Sarah Beirão. This is in the centre of Tábua between the Church and the Centro de Culturas.

This event is an annual occasion where you can show off your hobbies, artistic skills and advertise your business if you have one. Tables are provided for this.

In the evening there is live music by local and foreign artists. "Street Food" is available and Sagres beer are one of the sponsors.

If anyone would like to do some kind of street performance - as a wandering magician or juggler etc that would be a welcome addition.

This event is sponsored by Tábua Câmara, to promote integration of the local and immigrant communities.

As the organisation was delayed for various reasons beyond our control, details and entry forms are not yet available on line. I will be publishing links as soon as they appear.

In the meantime can I ask anyone who wishes to participate to email us at tabuaplayenglish@cm-tabua.pt. You can also contact me directly via the forum.

See you all there.


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Details are now published at http://www.cm-tabua.pt/index.php/inicio ... e-culturas

It is in Portuguese, but Google Translate does a good enough job.

The event is open to the general public, and you can also take part as an exhibitor. At the bottom of the web page are links to entry forms. Entries are separated into three areas.

Artesanato :- arts crafts hobbies etc. As well as showing your work, if you wish, you can do demonstrations or run a workshop.

Street Food :- from burgers to local delicacies.

Turismo :- promote your accommodation, activities, gastronomy, places to visit, guided tours

Tables will be provided

Each evening there is live entertainment on the bandstand.

Friday 8 June 19.00 - 11.00
Saturday 9 June 12.00 - 01.00
Sunday 10 June 12.00 - 00.00

If you have any queries email tabuaplayenglish@cm-tabua.pt or visit

... OY&fref=nf

See you there.


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