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Finding love and friendship in Portugal

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I will be amazed if this has never come up before, but here goes. I know I am going to regret starting this thread, but I am going to press the submit button before common sense kicks in !

I came to Portugal in a long term relationship, but for the last six months I have been single. Meeting new people here is difficult, especially if like me you are in rural location.

People come here for all sorts of reasons, but I have noticed there are definate trends in the sort of expats i meet in this region. Expats often come here with a desire for a country life, dreams of growing your own food, keeping chickens etc. So this forum could potentially be a good place to find people with a similar outlook on life.

There must be other expats in my situation, looking for a new partner, or even single people in the Uk and other countries who may consider starting a new life here with an single expat.

What about a new section to help people looking for new partners, or just new friends?

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It's interesting that you mention this, although of course it is up to Admin to decide and no need to think about regret on starting a topic, in my mind, isn't something you should be concerned about as is open to all members and all topics as long as it's kept clean and above board.

Many people I believe come to Portugal as couples or families, as that's mostly the types of friendships I've made and I'm here as a family too but not married and living in sin!

I have become friends with a single male (platonic friends, it goes without saying) who has a property in Portugal and know of a single lady in the UK is considering buying in Portugal but they are not likely to be in Portugal permanently, so you may be looking for a needle in a haystack if at all that person(s) exists.

These people may be looking for partners or new friendships in the same way and amongst the forum it is difficult to find out who is looking for the same, who are with partners or with families or who are single, although I suspect that not many people are in the latter category and you are in a minority.

I suspect you could put a post into Miscellaneous for the time being if Admin doesn't think that this is a suitable topic and I've not seen such a topic on other forums and wonder if it would be unwelcomed by other members given that this is a grey topic and can be misused.

Or, you could get people together who are interested in the same hobbies as yourself and organise a get together, which I find is always the best way to meet new friends if you are interested in the same topics.

A quick search has brought up some websites, although personally I'm not a fan of these types of sites for meeting people, but each to his own: ... ugal.shtml ... online.htm

If I was on my own I would go to car boot sales or other meetings in the area as this would probably involve many Expats attending, get chatting to them and take it from there.

However you approach the issue, I hope you manage to meet up with someone and you're always welcome to visit me, my partner and 7 year old son and the ever increasing in numbers animal house - pm me

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im not looking for a partner but it would be nice to meet up with older people just for a chat.


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Donkey boy, I for one would not have a problem with a thread of people wanting to find friendship and love.

I found the love of my life via the internet, so I wish you all the best in your quest and do not discount the Portuguese for an expat but then I may be biased as Sandra is Portuguese and the reason I came to Portugal.


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Maidentales, I agree with you that the vast majority of expats come here as couples, for very good reasons. It can be a very solitary, lonely existence, and even quite scary, living alone in a foreign country.

I already know locally of three other expat men who are single, but not women. Sorry correction, one of those men recently found a new female expat partner !!

The chances of finding somebody here is a bit of a needle in hay stack search as you suggest, which I wondered if a site like this could at least make it a little easier.

I also think you are correct in thinking that possibly the best way to approach this problem is to become more sociable, and try to make more friends. New friends usually lead to other new friends and new 'possibilities'. Thanks for the links, i will take a look.

I will send a PM in a moment.

Gary and Sandra. I am certainly not excluding non expats. I did very recently have a six week relationship with a Portuguese woman. Unfortunately it was clearly not meant to be the long term realtionship I hoped for.


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It is true that it can be quite difficult. When I was working in Portugal I created a profile on Meetic, making it very clear that I was not looking for romance, only for friendship and help with the Portuguese language. I didn't mention I was single, because I didn't want to attract the wrong people. Result: the average age of guys messaging me as 20 years above mine, everybody wanted me to "teach Portuguese... and other things ;-) ;-) ;-)" and so on.
I did get one lasting friendship out of it: another expat in the same situation who is now not in Portugal anymore (just like me). He had met up with several Portuguese women through this Meetic website, but it never really clicked.

What I am trying to get at, is that a section like that on this website might be very handy/useful.
On the other hand, I'm under the impression (can be wrong) that most members of this community are part of a couple. But anyway, it can be worth a try, no?


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