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What's New? Introducing our GROUPs option - join your favourites

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Expats Portugal is pleased to off users GROUPs where you can join and connect with others with interests in similar topics.

We have started some interests for you but would love to hear any other suggestions.


When you add to topics in your feed for Groups and the Forum, you can then follow your conversations via the TIMELINE option in your new User Dashboard.

You can also add images and make connections.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

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Hello All,

I wanted to follow up on Astrid's post about our new Groups feature. 

These are areas where members with a common interest can share comments, information, advice, pictures and so on. These are different from the general forum because they are about a specific subject, only the group members can view and interact and it is much easier to share images and the like.

We have set up a few groups which you can see by clicking on the NEW GROUPS picture on the top right of this page and you are welcome to join any of these groups and start contributing.

We would also like your suggestions as what other groups should be created and we are looking for volunteers to moderate each group. 

So if you have a suggestion to make or you have a particular passion that you would like to share, please let us know by posting a reply to this message, send a private message to Astrid or myself or email us @expatsportugal.com" target="true">by clicking here.