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[Sticky] Who We Are Updated August 2021

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I am very pleased to introduce the expatsportugal.com team. 

The site is owned and managed by myself Gerry Lawler and my colleagues, Astrid Fernandes, Carl Munson and Sally Blackwell. We are all expats now living in Portugal on a permanent basis. Our usernames are @gerry @astridff @carlm and @sally-in-lisbon you can contact us via the message system or via email at admin @ expatsportugal.com

We are proud to be a Portuguese registered company.

If you would like to be involved in helping us to run this amazing community, please contact us. We will be delighted to hear from you.

Here are a few of the many features you can now access:

Our Forum

There is a wealth of information about Living in Portugal available on our forum. If you cannot see what you are looking for, please use our search function and of course, please always feel free to post your comments and questions. As a start, please introduce yourself and tell us of your interest in Portugal.

Our Morning Shows on Facebook, YouTube and Podcast

The live shows go out every weekday from 9 am Lisbon time. You can listen live via the links on this site or via YouTube or catch the recordings. The shows focus on all aspects of life in Portugal and you can contribute via the chat feature. You will also learn more about our specific live events that feature everything from lifestyle in Portugal to Q&A sessions with professionals that assist with moving to or living in Portugal. If you use YouTube, please subscribe to our channel.  

Our Expats Team

You can connect with a member of our Ask Our Expats team. This team has been carefully chosen by us and are available to provide a one to one 'Lifestyle' consultancy on their areas within Portugal. You can even book an ‘in-person’ tour.

Our Business Associates

By clicking on our Business Directory, you will find a list of our professional associates who can assist with the various aspects of moving to or living in Portugal. In many cases, we have negotiated special deals exclusively available to our members and we are continually adding more.

Thank you for joining and you are very welcome. If you have joined as a Community Member, please consider upgrading to Premium Membership. Not only does this help to support our development efforts but you will also be entitled to the maximum benefits that far outweigh the cost of the upgrade.

Kind regards, Gerry

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Bom Dia,

I have been a member of expats Portugal since 2014 and have not been looking out for the website for many months because it was clearly undergoing a transformation.

I always preferred this forum to the others that are online, I think it has more of a community feel.

I must congratulate you leaders on what you have created. I can't think of anything to compare for immigrants/ex pats in Portugal.

I am not a fan of the wider social media platforms except youtube and whatsapp so this forum feels like a safer space. 

We have finally bought a house in Portugal near Alcobaca after many years of touring the country to find somewhere that felt right for us.

We bought during the pandemic so it has been a challenging experience. We still have a couple of years to work in the UK before we can make the move permanent.   

Congratulations on your hard work, it has produced something rather awesome. I have upgraded to a premium member to show my support for what you are doing. The website is an invaluable source of information, support and friendship. I love the sessions you run with Portuguese businesses such as ACP and Mia the teacher. I will be taking advantage of both of these so keep it up team.





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Thank you Stephen for your kind comments and for upgrading to Premium Membership.

We feel we have come a long way from a simple forum and we still have much to do and a long way to go. But we have never lost sight of the excellent community spirit across our membership, something we see as a strength and will continuously work hard to maintain. Of course this only happens through the support of our wonderful members.

Congratulations to you on the house purchase. Alcobaca is a great location and we look forward to assisting you towards your final move.

Thanks again from @astridff, @carlm, @sally-in-lisbon, and yours truly. Much appreciated 👍 


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welcome to Alcobaça Stephen, we've been here 6 years and love it!


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