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Anybody want seville oranges?

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My wife made 38 jars of marmalade yesterday and we've not even dented the tree!

We're between Santarem & Cartaxo, so if you're local-ish and would like to come and collect some PM me.

Thanks, Nick

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Unfortunately we are a bit too far to come, even for Seville oranges!

My OH makes his own marmalade and is going to try the oranges from our single tree this year - they taste like something between an orange and a grapefruit, so should make a pretty good marmalade. Nothing compares to the real thing with Sevilles though.

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I have never made marmalade with Seville oranges.
I find ordinary orange marmalade too sweet, so I either make
lemon m. or grapefruit m. or a three fruit one.

Ratio of 1 large g/fruit to 2 large or 3 small lemons, to 4 -6 oranges
depending on size. The lemons help the marmalade set, and give
it the tartness we like.

Mrs. T.

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Hi - I have just started prepping the Oranges to make marmalade & had a idea ,I'm not sure if it's a good one.
Instead off using a muslin bag to draw out the pectin from the pith & pip's whilst the mix is cooking.

How about putting pip's & pith all thru a blender , cook this mix first in a separate pan & when its well done drain the liquid into the main pot.

I intend to prep today & cook tomorrow
Comments would be appreciated

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I know I am late to this discussion, but to avoid a glut of Serville oranges you can pick some of the blossoms off and make it into the traditional Iranian Jam called Moraba-ye bahar narenj. That way you get two jams from the one tree and one much earlier than the second.

The Iranians use lots of bitter oranges in their food - they use the juice as a salad dressing.

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