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Cider/ wine makers!

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Having just raided the orchard of about 100 weight of apples and pulped them to make cider ( a new experience for us ) all of the cider sites say to 'sulphite' with sodium metabisulphite. Went to local Agro Store ( where as Ive mentioned before they all think I'm a fruit loop!) and all I can find is something used for wine- sulphide/ sulphite in the title.
Is this the same or do I need something different for cider? If i can get away with just the apple juice and natural fermentation would be happier but other sites seem to think it is risky. Anyone else tried to make cider here and got any tips? Thanks.

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we made cider when we were first in portugal, "house sitting" for a quinta with loads of apples! andy's the expert but i'm pretty sure we didn't add anything - just apples naturally fermented. you could email andy for more info -">


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I have a batch of cider fermenting away just now and we have followed a Dutch recipe-

6 kg apples
5 lt warm water
.5 kg raisins
1 kg sugar

And if the must doesn’t ferment add a bit of all-purpose yeast

Leave for two weeks but stir the pulp down daily

Strain the liquid through two layer of muslin then into fermentation jars, I am using OLD 5lt wine bottles they have thicker glass than the new ones.
Squeeze the pulp gently to extract all the juice
Put in a cool place for four weeks
Then siphon/strain it off but the longer you leave it the better

Smells lovely and on Monday we strain it off.



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thanks Sophie and Shelby, think we will just ´go for it´ naturally. It is certainly looking (and smelling good- some kind of fementing going on at the mo.) It´s in the kitchen at the moment but will move it to the adega in a week or so. We added a little sugar but so far no yeast. Thanks for the advice!


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as sophie said, i simply pressed the apples, and let it do its own thing. no sugar, no yeast. all natural. it was pretty damn good!

heres a link:


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