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Rules for building a water store/pond?

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I have a stream that runs through my field which dries up for the summer.

I'd like to get a digger in and put in a pond of some sort to store water for the summer (watering crops).

I went to the camara (Lousa) today and was told I need to get an architect's (ie not my) drawing and then pay 60 euros for a permit (or just to start to apply?).

The field is about 30x30 metres and I was thinking of about 5x5 metres for the pond.

We didn't even get as far as discussing the pond size and construction.

If it's a hole in the ground lined with butyl rubber how can an architect come up with a drawing?

Has anyone done something similar. Do you really need all this faff in order to save some water (which will also be available for the bombeiros if there's a fire).

Any idea of the consequences if I dig a hole and line and fill it?

As far as I can tell I could dig a hole in the ground without permission and the hole could fill with rain. The issue seems to be around lining the hole.

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