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Best Portuguese bank, booze and blowers (and coffee) - Good Morning Portugal survey! Got 5 minutes?

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Blower is a UK cockney slang word for phone. Thought it best to clarify after the 'hooters' conversation on this morning's show

Please help us find out what are the most popular banks, phone companies, beers, wines and coffees in Portugal (and other categories), in YOUR experience, in our morning show 'Expats Choice' survey here:

We will look at the results on next Tuesday's brekkie show, starting at the new time of 8.30am

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On coffee,

Apart from the excellent coffee you get all over Portugal from bars, restaurants and even McDonalds, is there a Portugese roaster/grinder company that does specialty coffee capsules like Nespresso or Delta Q for the home?

In NL we have Blanche Dael (Maastricht) that does this with Nespresso capsules , gues there must be someting like that in Portugal.


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Delta coffee is a portuguese brand. For normal coffee powder, there are other brands as well, like Nicola.


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Hi Guy's, just an update. I ended up opening an account in person (this for me was a much simpler option) I visited the Ansiao branch of Caixa geral and came out a couple of hours later with a new account, all of my direct debits sorted and all of the info needed to use the app and card that comes with it. Painless if you have a couple of hours and €150 to spare.

I was lucky enough to be assisted by Claudia Alexandra Silva, who spoke English well enough to guide me through the whole process.


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