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D7 visas arrived today.....update on VFS turnaround time for us

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For those who have mentioned difficulties w/VFS in San Francisco, we received our visas exactly 30 days after they emailed us confirming that our docs were processed (including tracking #s for our passports w/visa being returned to us).

Our appt was on 2/5; it went very smoothly (2 appts were made but they did one appt for us together). Not trusting FedEx, we decided to hand deliver all our docs (as we live close to SF). 

We have to give a huge shout out to Ei Migrante (Gilda, Cristina and Ana) for their incredible service and to the expat community for all of the answers to our many ?s.

In a desire to pay all of our gratitude forward, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have about the D7 visa process.

Julie & Phil (headed to Lisbon in April 😎 👍 🍒 (lookin' forward to those cherries that we've been hearin' about)!






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Congratulations Julie and Phil,

We love Gilda and Cristina, can't imagine or success without their expertise.

When are planing to fly?




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Did you find a rental without traveling to Portugal? Can you talk about that process? I'm trying to figure out how one obtains a rental contract, to meet the D7 requirements, without being in Portugal.


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Julie & Phil, Best of luck and Best Wishes Have a safe trip



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