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[Sticky] GAME: Where are you from and live now?  

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Joined: 8 months ago
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02/07/2020 8:59 am  

Over the past few months, we have been excited to see so many new people join our community and many returning members from the old format. I thought it would be a good idea to get to know each other a bit better.

If you want to participate, please mention where you are from and where you are living right now (can be Portugal or abroad). You may discover other people who are close by or at the same stage in their journey as you. I will start...

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I am from Australia and live between Sintra/Belas and our country home in Castelo de Vide! Have two daughters aged 10 and 12

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07/08/2020 11:57 am  
Posted by: @wayneb

We are from Tamworth in the UK and are moving to central Portugal in Alcaria near Porto de Mos while we design and build our home in Alvados the next village along.

I spent my early years (up to age 9) just down the road from Tamworth (a small village called Harlaston) and still have family in Lichfield.

Born at Walsall hospital, lived in Burntwood, then Harlaston, then Bucks till University (and all over the UK after that). Now happily ensconced in Moncarapacho, near Faro, in the Algarve...


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07/08/2020 1:17 pm  

@lincolnbaggiei know it well. I used to cycle through there to get to work at Fradley Junction!

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Joined: 6 years ago
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07/08/2020 1:48 pm  
Posted by: @wayneb

@lincolnbaggiei know it well. I used to cycle through there to get to work at Fradley Junction!

We lived across the road from the pub (although I never went in there for obvious reasons). I remember it being a lovely village but haven't been back for 40 odd years now...

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19/09/2020 7:49 am  

I currently live in St Helens, Lancs, UK and hoping to move to Somewhere east of Coimbra in the Gois kind of area. But not made any decisions yet - need to do a recce...!  This forum is proving a big part of my research though! I have always gone for 'word of mouth' recommendations and anecdotes rather than purely information on websites and that's why this forum is a great resource...

 @peterfc So I currently live not too far away from where you originated from and may well end up in a similar area to where you are now!!  😀  

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