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Get out and visit Portugal  

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I am sharing the following article from the President of Portugal. I believe this is something many of us expats can do to assist the recovery of our adopted country. I hope you can agree 🙂  

The President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, has invited the Portuguese to “rediscover the charm” of Portugal’s cultural heritage, through planning holidays in the country and visiting the monuments they may not have visited for a long time.

The head of state made his statement following a visit to the Torre de Belém, in Lisbon, during which he was accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca.
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa asked the Portuguese to “do what many people don’t do on a daily basis, which is to know what is fundamental in Portugal’s heritage”, noting: “Foreigners visit, they know, and we suddenly realise that we haven’t known or visited these sites for many years, many, many years, which is unforgivable”.
“It’s not just a question of travelling around Portugal in June, July, August and September, stay in Portugal and plan your holidays in Portugal, but take the opportunity to do cultural tourism, with children and young people”, he added.

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There is so much in Portugal I have yet to see - including down south towards the Algarve.

Perhaps some other members who live in the Algarve could recommend some places for me and my family to visit? We have two young girls....

As those who know me, my favourite getaway in Portugal is Castelo de Vide (we have a country house there). Right next to Marvao and only a few kilometres from the Spanish border. ❤️ ❤️ 


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In the Algarve I would recommend Sagres and the western point, Faro old town and Tavira. Lagos is nice off season. Silves and the Monchique also well worth visiting. Further east Castro Marim and V.R.S.A also good and you can hop across the river to Spain if you want. For the coast and sea, Burgau and Salerma towards the west. Just avoid the tourist spots....

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In 6 years I’ve never even been to Lisbon. Sad I know.

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We visited Praia Fluvial do Penedo Furado near Vila de Rei.

Fabulous walk along the valley floor which took us to a welcoming waterfall and pool which was put to good use. 

good car park with toilet and a nice cafe at the beach.

Highly recommended!



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