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Save Choupal from the Developers (Coimbra District)

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Hi, if you didn't already know, there are plans to put a substantial road through Choupal, the national forest in Coimbra that runs alongside the River Mondego.

There's a petition that aims to get 10,000 signatures on it by Sunday 15 February against this development in a site of national and scientific interest and I am asking all those that live in the Beiras to contribute their name and support against this road development.

You can find the petition here:

And more information about the protest to the development here:

We are also meeting at Choupal woods on Sunday 15 February at 11am to form a 'Human Chain for Choupal.' If you are in the vicinity, please do come along and show your support.

Best wishes,

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Hi Emma,

I have just looked at the area on Google Earth. The words I would really like to express on this pending project, are not for this forum.

I have signed the petition and if I lived in your area, I would come along willingly, although I am due overseas shortly.

Thank you for drawing attention to this.

Kind Regards, Ali x


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What's the proposed road for? i.e where does it go from and to


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Hi Emm

I can't sign the petition because i do not know what Número Bilhete de Identidade Means.

If you could be of help i can then go back to sign.


Like i normally use xtra?


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Oh, swell! I can imagine the changes to the lyrics of 90% of fados de Coimbra... :?


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