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Supply chain issues food and fuel in Portugal

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Supply chain issues food and fuel in Portugal

I have not seen anything in the Portuguese news indicating any kind of fuel or food or commodity shortages to speak of unlike the US where it’s all over the news and we’re beginning to see it in the Midwest where I live what is the perspective from your folks living in Portugal?

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We've not experienced any issues in Lisbon. Fuel is readily available and shops are all well stocked. 


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For general consumables, there are no noticeable issues, nor much to suggest there will be any. 

However, as with most places, there are shortages of raw and construction materials (most of which are imported), with wildly varying prices. This is affecting, for example, metals, glass, timber... and as a result, supply of windows, copper wiring, etc are sometimes harder or slower for contractors or individuals to source. This has been impacting on timelines and budgets for building works for some time, and shows no signs of easing. It tends to be of limited visibility to end consumers to date - construction is usually slower than expected here, so the supply issues can be somewhat hidden.


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i recall one elderly Portuguese man who said of his family compared to the demands and "needs" of modern life...he said

"some wine, olives,  cheese, and fresh bread - we are happy"

indeed how nice to consider


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