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The Social Dilemma - Netflix - no thanks Facebook  

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Who has watched this show on Netflix yet? Scary what data they catch on you and how they use it.

They comment in the documentary that the only 2 industries which call their customers "Users" are drug dealers and social media...

As a stand alone forum offering information to expats about living or moving to Portugal, we often feel social media and groups are our main competitor.

Just wanted to let you ALL know, we do not do anything with your data or information here on Expats Portugal. Your information is safe and we will not use it in any way like shown in this documentary and how social media and search engines work.

Thank you for trusting us and being part of our community. 

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I’m trying to get my whole family to watch it with their kids.

Sam Harris has a great podcast with Tristan Harris following up on this documentary too:


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I have been taking the time to try and limit/block/delete the cookies, but it's nearly impossible. And too late. Even before Covid a huge part of our lives involved on-line searches. Google has years of data on all of us now and there's no way to change that. The fact that I started getting Portuguese spam before I even arrived here says it all.

BTW, I love this country already. It's like being on holiday, even though I'm continuing my usual economics and risk management research. I just look out the window at the beautiful views of the trees, the hills, the valleys and have to pinch myself! Thanks Expats Portugal for being such a great source of information.

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I suggest to everyone to use Firefox for their browser, there is an easy setting to automatically forget all cookies and stored data, every-time you close the browser! So no worrying and manually deleting anything. Just a new browser every day.
Chrome is the worst of course, as Google's business is us, our data!


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This documentary below has a similar message about online and us living in an experiment.

Part of our move to Portugal will be to dub down all the online stuff.


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