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Booster Covid Jabs

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Hi everyone,

We’re Portuguese residents having moved to the Algarve two years ago after sixteen years in Madeira where we farmed lavender for essential oil production - on a small but growing scale.

Love living in Tavira now. We’re registered for health etc and have had mostly good support during the pandemic. We both had our first jabs in May 21 - I’m 77 my husband is 75. We were given no choice and had the Jansson single jab.

As time and covid have progressed we now need a booster for more protection ( we’ve already had our flu jabs) . But the Jansson vaccine is not being offered and I cannot get any answers from anywhere as to when they will be made available. 

My Doctor and several pharmacy nurses have said we cannot now have Pfizer or Moderna jabs as they react in different ways in the system . Why did so many get the Jansson vaccine without Portugal health department not now offering this same booster? I note that America is using Jansson boosters with great success and the EMA told me that decisions are made across Europe but also in individual countries. I read yesterday that Madrid has destroyed hundreds of thousands of all vaccines recently as they reach their use by date. Why didn’t they send them whilst in date to the countries that are unable to get enough doses- what a horrendous waste! 

I’m appealing to you in the hope that someone in your group may be able to get a successful answer to this question which is relevant to many residents of this great country.

Hopefully yours


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The EMA has not yet cleared the Johnson & Johnson vaccine for booster jabs, and this is likely to be behind Portugal's (and other EU countries') decision not to use it.  The manufacturer has apparently submitted a request for its approval.

I have seen many articles (including in Portuguese) suggesting that, in fact, the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines have been demonstrated to work effectively as a booster to the J&J main vaccine - but whilst I work within the health environment, I am not qualified to comment on that.

However, as COVID-19 vaccines are not administered by GPs/family doctors or by pharmacists, but in vaccination centres, I would advise going to your nearest one of those, and speaking directly to the people who could ultimately deliver a vaccine.  (There is no guarantee that someone not involved in the process will be up to speed, with no disrespect to them.)  

Vaccination centres are listed here, by region, with addresses and opening hours:

COVID-19 Casa Aberta

and the link "Consulte aqui" just above the ARS Algarve heading takes you to a spreadsheet for the upcoming days, with closures or changes to times in the last columns in red.  Priority is still currently given to those over 80, or living in care homes - but that is not to the exclusion of others in the over-65 bracket, it's simply where there is pressure on slots/doses available.

We are not due our third doses, however we have been advised to simply go to the vaccination centre on/after the 6 month anniversary of the original dosage being completed, for a booster - by that time, our age group should be open for boosters.


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