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Covid-19 Vaccination - self-booking

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In case people haven't found it, here is the page you need, to self-book your (first) jab

At the top, there's a revolving set of slides, one of which says "Vacina Covid-19 Pedido de agendamento"

As of Friday 4 June, this is available to all Portuguese residents over 45 with an SNS número de utente and a mobile phone number. The system is easy to use, provided you have that number to hand.

You can pick a location and a day. Within a couple of days, you'll receive a text with a time slot, and you must respond to that text message to confirm or reject (otherwise it'll automatically cancel). Instructions are in the text.

The age bracket is due to be widened again later in June, with the aim remaining to give all adults at least one jab by the end of the summer.

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Make sure you select the right location for you - because once one is chosen you can not change it. We recently moved and while we both selected our new location for the jabs, and I got given a slot where we are now, for some reason the system gave my wife an appointment linked to our old address. Even if we say "Não" to the text message, the system keeps giving new appointments at the old address. When we go back into the appointment system it no longer gives us a choice of location. Speaking to SNS24, who also passed me on the admin/IT teams, once a location is set, there is no way to change it.



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