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Covid Test on SNS Experience?

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Really nice to see the forum is charging along again, I'll have to be more attentive 🙂

I have searched but found no post exactly addressing my question

Has anyone done the Covid test through the SNS (PT NHS)?

I know there site says phone this number, but then what happens?

Do you get an appointment, waiting times etc etc

I have permanent residency, and have been paying into the system here for 20 years.

I live South of the River, near Costa da Caprica, but am still registered in a central Lisbon Centro de Saude (not my failing - I was advised by the centre when moving to stay registered there as I would never get a Family Doctor again if I changed)

I am trying to avoid paying at CUF (I pay so much of my wages to The State but seem to not benefit at all from it)

The test is actually for my 10 year old Portuguese Daughter, who has a fever



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Try contacting the HPA by their email   They can probably best answer your question.



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Thanks Peggy,

I was trying to avoid using my health insurance as I am a bit fed up of always paying twice.

Anyway, I can now answer my own question, so as to leave the info for anyone else:

We called SNS 24 on 808 24 24 24 (the 'NHS' number for health worries)

(This is the SNS 24 site if your Portuguese is ok, don't know if there is an English version)

There is an option for English (#9) but we did this in Portuguese, but it should be the same)

Then they asked a series of yes/no questions about the symptoms

Because my daughter had had a fever, she had to do the test

They gave us the contacts of two private clinics, one local this south side of the river (Tejo) and one in Lisbon for us to make a booking for a test

It was Saturday and Both didn't take bookings on the weekend (recorded message told us that)

We called first thing Monday Morning - the local one had a test on the Friday, the one in Lisbon had one already that day at Midday, so we booked the latter

Teresa took our daughter to Lisbon for the test - she said it was very professional and friendly, and no wait.

They said the results would be sent to us by the end of today (Tuesday).

But we already got the result by email at 7 am today (Tuesday).

Negative 🙂


Anyway, I often moan about how hard it is to get anything done in Portugal, but this was a great, friendly, efficient and very fast service.

And we didnt have to fork out for the test after already donating so much of our wages to The State.

Win win 🙂



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