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Obtaining health insurance as an American on a D7 visa  

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I have been doing some research and what I have learned so far is that if you are an American and want to move to Portugal on a D7 visa you must have proof of health insurance before arriving in Portugal. I have some questions about this:

1. Do you get travel health insurance? or do get actual private health insurance that is based in Portugal?

2. For what length of time do you need to buy coverage? 6 months? 1 year?

3. I heard the premiums are higher if you buy it while you are still in the U.S. vs. buying it once you are in PT. It seems there is no getting around this at first since you need to buy it before you are in the country for the D7 visa.

4. The monthly premiums for this private health insurance seems to be way less than U.S. monthly premiums. Just as an example if I wanted to put my husband on my health insurance plan that I have through my job it would cost us $750 a month, whereas, I have heard that a couple can pay as little as 35 euros a month for private health insurance for two adults! I also came across a single woman paying 100 euros a month. Still very acceptable! But it does seem there is a range. I assume it has to do with your age and how much coverage you are wanting to buy.

5. Do you have to buy separate vision and dental insurance? Or are there plans that combine medical, dental and vision?

6. I know that there are scenarios where you can use the public healthcare system. Can you do this as a temporary resident on a D7 visa? or do you need to be working for a PT company and paying PT taxes? OR do you need to become a permanent resident or citizen?


Thank you in advance! 😊 

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Hi Riri, I can answer some but not all your questions in relation to health insurance.

When you apply for your D7 Visa you will need to show you have private health insurance already in place. This would most likely be an international plan.

Once you have gained your temporary residency, you can then change to a local health insurance plan here in Portugal or choose to not have private insurance as you are entitled to the public system.

The prices you are quoting seem pretty accurate. I pay €50 a month for myself and two daughters. It includes dental and vision (but there is an excess to pay each time). My husband gets health insurance through his employer.

I would suggest you watch the recent webinar we did about the D7 Visa which you will find on the following page:


We are planning another one very soon.



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Hi Astrid!

Question for you...I currently have really fantastic health insurance in the US and the plan covers me internationally (Anthem Blue Cross). Do you know if this qualifies as having my own insurance or do I have to also take out a separate plan in Portugal? How would I know if any doctor or hospital takes my insurance there? Am I better off getting another supplemental plan once I get my visa?

Thank you!



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Hi @mari

I suggest you ask this question of your US insurance company first. They may have an affiliate company in Portugal that can be recognised by the authorities here.




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