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UK S1 form application

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I thought I would look to get an S1 form yesterday. So contacted the dept to ask for an application form. 

I was told that there is no form to fill in as it is done over the phone and then the S1 will be sent by post.

The first question was about date of taking up residency in another EU country.

The second question was...what was the date of the first pension payment you received?

I have no idea when that was so suggested a month after my 65 birthday......not good enough I need to know the exact date was the reply.

How do I get that as that was years ago.

Answer Pension service and ask them !!!

So this morning after a long wait I got to talk to them.

My question was, can you tell me the date of my first pension payment, I need this to apply for an S1 form?

After taking some security questions and her seeing how old I was, her answer was, our records do not go back that far, and I have never been asked this question before !!

Erm.....but I can try to estimate the actual date from your pension payment date now.

After a minute she came up with a possible date ....

I suggested to her that if The pension service does not know the actual date, who would the person asking the question at the Health service know the answer, and if what i gave her was correct, and in any event what does it matter?

She agreed with me and confirmed that in all her years she had never been asked that question for this purpose


Has anyone else had this experience, or is it a dream??

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It’s not a dream! It happened to us several weeks ago! We didn’t know our dates but would have guessed our 60th and 65th birthdays. After all the security questions etc it turned out we were correct! FYI the earliest of the dates was 13 years ago.


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