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Learning Portuguese recommendations  


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02/07/2020 6:36 pm  

Thought we should gather some tips and recommendations on learning the Portuguese language.

If you have succeeded and now fluent (or at least conversational), please share what you did, how you did it. Feel free to include links to schools/teachers too.

Looking forward to hearing everyone's tips! I personally need them 🙂

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07/07/2020 3:13 pm  

I have been challenged by the lack of Portuguese language classes due to the pandemic. I won’t be able to immerse myself until around October. 


So, I’m not fluent - not even close - but I found an online source that can kickstart the learning process - and it’s free. Speak.social had been providing classes where people came together, but have shifted to online only due to Covid. Each series runs for 10 days, Mon. to Fri., at 1 1/2 hours per day. 

I lead a Conversational English class, and participated in Basic Portuguese. The leader was very good, and it helped get over the hump of basic vocabulary and pronunciation; along with providing other resources for self/study. 

Speak.social is free, fun, and a great option until things open up more. 

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07/07/2020 5:21 pm  

Having had an apt in Portugal for more than ten years and being challenged to learn the language by our lovely neighbour I embarked on my journey some years ago. I started with Duolingo and got hooked but it's not European Portuguese! My wife saw an advert for 'Learning Portuguese in Your Pyjamas'. Looked interesting I thought 😉. Five years on... still having lessons by Skype and loving it (Duolingo got dropped years ago). Ana runs it and although I do not claim to be fluent (we don't spend enough time in Pt 😥 to fully immerse) I am confident enough to 'have a go' in most situations. I recommend Ana without hesitation. She is very capable, multi-lingual and her lessons offer great value for money. Ana can be found on FB and I have an email address if you PM me. Hope this helps someone.

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10/07/2020 7:57 am  

Looks like some good resources on here.  I'd like to be able to understand a few words when we visit the Camara and so forth. We are both keen to learn situational Portuguese. 


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