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Presentation from Mia 23 September 2021

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Hello all. Here are the presentations made on our webinar tonight. We have a 15% discount available on Mia's courses. Please let us know if you would like to take advantage of this discount.

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Thanks Gerry it's the first time I have watched Mia, she is so clear, I have never had so much info on pronunciation before. I hope to sign up to one of her courses at some point.

At the moment in the middle of house buying my concentration is too shot to muddle it with attempting to improve my piteous Portugueuse, once that is sorted out, next mission, language learning! 


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Thanks tons, Gerry.  Konni and I really dig Mia's stuff and we're going to sign up for the courses shortly.  That 15% discount is fantastic!


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I really am glad you posted Mia's presentation.  I agree with the rest who say that her pronunciation guidance is so very helpful.

My wife and I have been using another online course which is good as well but after seeing the presentation, we will definitely switch.

Over 40 years ago I spoke Brazilian Portuguese.  Believe it or not, after all this time, I still have to unlearn it and learn European Portuguese. 😆 


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