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Where to learn portugues?

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Hi Everyone 

We are a couple living in porto, we work as a freelancers with companies abroad so we don't use portugues a lot except in public places like supermarket or restaurants... but we want to learn portugues so we can integrate more in the community, and also to get a portugues nationality maybe in the future 

My question is where to learn portugues in porto, or what is your experience in that, is learning online enaugh or there is a better way here in portugal.


Thanks in Advance

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@cartmm  I have been slowly trying to learn the language utilizing Mia Esmeriz's online class.  I am fairly sure she lives in the Porto Area.  You can link to her site here: https://school.learn-portuguese.org/?affcode=206686_fuwavv3t  

She also offers a discount to Premium Members of this site.


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If you have skype I can recommend Learning Portuguese in Your Pyjamas - page on faceBook or DM me for an email address.


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