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Any advice on phone networks?

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Hi all, 

We arrived in Portugal on Saturday 🙂

We are looking at mobile phone contracts presently, both MEO and Vodafone have 1 star reviews on trustpilot, so not great. Just wondering what other people's experiences are? And whether they'd recommend a network?

We speak limited portuguese at the moment, so ideally looking for a network that has good customer service. We have spoken to MEO and the guy was very friendly but their online portal and billing looks a bit complicated.

So far we have got a deal with MEO for unlimted texts, minutes and data for €24.99 per month (but it's on a 24 month contract). I believe we can get exactly the same deal with vodafone.


Anyone care to share their experiences? Or offer any advice? 

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If you are planning on staying in urban areas any provider gives about the same service and the prices are almost always identical, but if you are going to more rural areas there are sometimes problems in certain areas with some providers, one can have good service but another can have a spoty one, so I think it would be safer to start with a top up card that you can charge when need at a store on any Multibanco, this way you can try the provider without any obligation, and if you don’t like their service you just change to another, if you have a 24 month contract and you want to change you will have to pay to brake the contract.

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Thank you @sonia 
That seems like a good plan.
We are renting in Tomar at the moment and my network seems to pick up MEO but we are looking to buy somewhere and are looking in rural places. Perhaps we'll see how it goes 🙂


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You can also check UZO, if you want a top up card ("com pré-pagamento" or "com carregamento").

1000 min/SMS/month and 6GB/month for €3,49/week:

They also have a contract without obligation ("sem fidelização") with good prices:

It uses the MEO net.

There's also a new provider called Woo, that has contracts without obligation ("sem fidelização"):

First you should speak with locals and know about the coverage there before picking a provider.



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